Memphis Child Custody and Visitation

Our child custody and visitation lawyers help you secure the parenting time that you want from the court. We can also help you make the right argument for modifying an already existing court order that addresses custody and visitation that it is in the best interest of the child or children for the change you want. Also, if you’re a grandparent and the mother and/or father are trying to deprive you of the time you’ve spent with the child in the past out of some pettiness or family disagreement, Tennessee allows for grandparents to seek visitation rights. We can help.


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Child Custody and Visitation

  • The Court’s Role
  • The Lawyer’s Role
    • Preparing the Case
      • Your interview
      • Review any evidence you provide
      • Investigate evidence you believe may exist
      • Negotiate with the other party’s lawyer at your direction
      • Prepare the case for trial if no agreement can be reached
      • Prepare and argue necessary motions
  • Your Role
    • Working with Your Lawyer
      • Be honest (confidentiality really is a thing)
      • Answer every question asked as the case progresses
      • Provide the evidence you have
      • Help locate and secure other evidence
      • Don’t retaliate against the other party for any wrongs they’ve done to you
      • Avoid discussing anything even tangentially related to others
      • Don’t be petty by asking for more than is reasonable under the circumstances
      • Be charitable in how you interpret the behavior of other parties (I know it’s hard)
        • Unless it’s about cats, food, or sports.
        • Nothing related to any family matters!

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