Whether your needs involve divorce (contested or uncontested), child support, child visitation, child custody, child abuse or child neglect, or even a juvenile delinquency charge against your child, let Midsouth Advocates champion your cause and fight for you and your children in the legal arena. Don’t go it alone! Licensed in Tennessee & Arkansas.



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Caring lawyers on your side. That’s what Midsouth Advocates will always stand for. Legal issues related to your family are stressful, and we deal with some of the most heart-wrenching cases there are.

Family Law Areas

  • Divorce
    • Uncontested
    • Contested
  • Child Support
    • Establishment of Child Support
    • Enforcement of Child Support Orders (civil and criminal contempt)
    • Defense of Contempt for Nonpayment (civil and criminal contempt)
    • Modifications of Child Support Orders for Changed Circumstances
  • Child Custody & Visitation
    • Establishment of Child Custody and Child Visitation Orders
    • Enforcement of Child Custody and Visitation Orders (civil and criminal contempt)
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
    • Guardian ad Litem Legal Representation for the Child(ren)’s Best Interest
    • Fighting for You to Get Custody of Your Child on the Basis of Child Abuse or Child Neglect
    • Defending You Against Allegations of Child Abuse or Child Neglect
  • Adoption & Guardianships
    • Termination of Parental Rights as Needed

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